Are pheromones the secret to lasting love and connection? Or, do you just want an excuse to smell a stranger's armpit? Not Sure? Just Bring a Pheromone!

We're bringing pheromone awareness (and romance) back to the playa!

Bring a Pheromone is an interactive booth for your armpits, your smelling bits, and your biggest sex organ - your brain - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The carnivalesque facade and the three iconic pit (glory)holes tempt passersby to try their hand (er, nose) at smelling out their friends/lovers or just having the novel opportunity to dig in (not too hard) to the surprisingly rich experience of analyzing an armpit from top to bottom, side to side, inside and out.

During Pheromone Happy Hour held every other afternoon, one of our Scent Sommeliers takes the enterprising wanderers through a proper armpit smelling:

Name the armpit using a Rorschach-type analysis of the available armpit features (with names ranging from 'Old Man Whiskers' to '5pm Shadow' to 'Glitterpit'). Sample the moisture level with the tip of the finger. Take an initial whiff, preferably with nostril-to-pit contact, of the overall scent and give it a general rating. Delve into each of the important characteristics of the smell (nuttiness, robustness, acidity, sweetness, earthiness, and so on) and plot points on a “flavor profile” graph that acts as a beautiful visualization of a pit. Rate the attractiveness of the scent. Before concluding, the smeller might even be encouraged to go in for a taste and will have an opportunity to meet the pit they sniffed if the desire is mutual.

This data is lovingly recorded by hand on a scent slip (http://bringapheromone.com/images/handout.jpghttp://imgur.com/KMWdUHw); the smeller can either keep it, give it to the smellee, or leave it with Bring a Pheromone.

But Pheromone Happy Hour isn’t just for simple smellings, oh no. It’s also for Pheromone Tinder, Pits or Balls, and Sniff Out Yer Mate. In 2016, Pits or Balls and Sniff Out Yer Mate were a huge hit and stopped many a burner to witness the (in)accuracy of our senses.

In addition, as a 24 hour service, it is available to tease passerbys into experiencing a Wine & Cheese type analysis of an unseen stranger in the booth (we call it an armpit glory-hole, really). The booth often runs itself, especially after one of our Scent Sommeliers breaks the ice! We’ve found that manned or unmanned, the booth draws a crowd, preceded by delighted laughter and “oh my god, armpit smelling booth???”

In addition to our booth, we have a Pheromone Education Center - a chillout space, playa living room, and bar laced with pheromone propaganda. “Your nose knows.”

Come for the pheromones, stay for the love!

The armpit smelling booth was a huge hit in its debut in 2013as seen in

We will also provide lucky participants with a pheromone based blind-dating experience. sOnce paired, they will be shuttled to our pheromone activity center where they can learnpheromone facts, play Monkey in a Tree, or generally get to smell each other before heading out on a grand playa date.

The Scent Sommeliers

The Booth

The Camp